google code search 关闭声明

google code search 关闭声明

Code Search Team
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 More options Nov 2, 8:38 am
Hi Folks,
We’re quite sorry about the impending shutdown as well, but it’s a
done deal, unfortunately. You may have noticed that things were quite
passive on our side for the last while, and that’s because we had to
fight to justify any investment in the project. People are also
definitely sad within the company, but it was decided at the highest

There is something of a silver lining. will take over
search for their projects, and also take  over hosting the Chromium
search page. (If ChromiumOS or Android are  important to you, reach
out to whatever contacts you have at Google *now* and let them know!)
Not all the details have been nailed down, which is why we didn’t put
it in the official announcement.

Our apologies to you all, for letting you down, and thanks for all of
the appreciation you’ve shown.

PS As alternatives and have been mentioned
by various people. We’re not endorsing or not-endorsing or anything,
we’re just mentioning them  so you can try them out, and see if they
meet your needs, and if there are others, please mention them in this
thread so people can easily find them.


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